I’m going to try it. I’m not going to get this to do this so cleanly; I wanted to be like that. But the media has no cannabis lovers. So my name is Matt Meredith, and I welcome you to cut out enough media to document my life in the cannabis industry and occasionally get stoned. 

You know, funny enough, I need to clean my womb, so today we’re going to talk about why you should use a hemp wick for your fish. 

So first things first are what a hemp wick is. So basically, a hemp wick is just like a little tiny rope made out of hemp, which for you uneducated folk hemp is.

 You know the cannabis plant, but it’s like industrial hemp, right so? That means it’s less than 0.1 percent THC, and it grows like corn. Quickly. Tall. It’s solid and fibrous, and they can take it and make lots of different things out of it.

 But one of those things is a hemp wick. It is also covered in beeswax, which helps it burn slowly to don’t waste it.

 So basically, you use a hemp wick, though – obviously smoked cannabis, and this is why you should be using this every time you smoke. not just sometimes but every time.

 But don’t worry, I’m guilty – I don’t use it every time to be super honest. But I’m trying, alright. 

So let’s go over some of the benefits of using an unemployed car.

 So I think there are more potential benefits than what I’m about to name right here, but I’ve got five benefits for you right now.

 Okay, I’m going to give you five benefits. Five people want five benefits five. Colin’s five. 

There are five benefits right now for you for using a hemp wick.

 Every time you smoke cannabis, number one, you’ll be saving lighters, which will save you money. But you’ll be saving lighter because you’ll need to light your wick, and you won’t have to hold your lighter open to light your bowl. You know what I’m saying. Say butane saves money. The other good news is that you won’t be getting butane all over your kush, which is a very valid point because I don’t think it’s good to consume.

 You came. I don’t know whether you think it’s good. Probably not, yeah.

 Okay, number three. You’ll have more pleasant hits because the wick burns at a lower temperature than your lighter does and number four, it’s a better taste smoking from the hemp wick versus the butane flavor.

 Again not getting butane all over your kush. It’s just the actual pure flame coming from the template.

 Number five. It’s easy to use and implement in your sesh. You can wrap it around your lighter; you can wrap it around your bong .You can do what I did and have it on this piece of paper that comes with it.

 You know, or you can get one of those like a super wound up and use one of those. You can also get one of those big balls of yarn of hemp wick.

 I guess it’s nine yards, but yeah, you can get any quantity of hemp work that you need to satisfy your sesh.

 I know what you’re thinking. The hemp quickly costs money. You can find him that’s affordable, and it’s going to last you a lot longer than having to buy a bunch more lighters still.

 So, more importantly, it helps to smoke your weed. I know your kid misses summers. I hope you learn why you should use hemp quickly and get some massive value from this video. Maybe you’ll learn some of the benefits of hemp wicking. 

Life is good. I don’t know. Don’t forget to like and subscribe, but otherwise, you’re I’ll see you guys in the next cut enough video, please. This is how I get good bloopers, not just messing around.