Welcome to International Highlife. My name is Simon Moker, and in this episode, we’re going to talk about hemp wicks. I got one over here — what is a hemp wick? A hemp wick is a piece of hemp rope covered in wax, which ensures that it will keep burning. It’s like a bit of a torch. I’m going to show you guys how that works. You light it, which is helpful for lighting pipes, for example, or lighting bongs. And why is it so good? Well, this way, you are not inhaling any butane or any lighter gasses, which can be potentially harmful when lighting a bowl. So try to use a hemp wick. It’s a little bit healthier, and it also really smells nice. People use them in different ways. You can have them in this setup — just a little piece. So I have special rollers and things that you have them rolled up in. But what Many people do; they take a pipe or a lighter, and then they wrap it around it. So what you can do with the lighter is hold it like this, light it, and use it. Or, if you have a pipe in the middle of the pipe, you can light it like that and then unwrap it here and then use it to light your pipe, which is quite convenient. This lighter contains an average wick, just ordinary rope with bee wax; I think it’s beeswax. This is hemp wick, which is a lot darker, and I’m going to show you guys that close-up of them so you can see the difference. All right, so this is an average wick.

As you can see, it’s a lot lighter in color. I’m going to light it here, see how that works out. And the hemp wick here, you got two hemp wicks. They are a lot browner.

We’re going to light the wick with hemp, or we’re going to light the hemp wick with the wick. You also have a little bit of a larger, or, yeah, depends on, looks good. Look at that, beautiful, very convenient. Hemp wick is always cool because it’s made from hemp, so you’re only using cannabis products. Now you know what hemp wick is, means, and how to use it. So get some yourself. There’s more information about hemp wick in the link below. Thank you for watching, and have a great day, morning, wherever you’re from. Be sure to smoke, vape responsibly. Cheers