Well, guys, it’s been forever since I uploaded a video, and I apologize. 


I’ve been sick. I was swamped. I’m sick again, and it’s cold, but here we go.


 This is just a quick little video, and I’ve been in a lot of reviews lately, so I want to break up the monotony a little bit, so I’m going to try something a little different.


 I’m going to try lighting the cigar with a hemp wick. This is something. I’m completely unfamiliar with some of the content on one of my videos a while ago, saying that the initial flavor of the cigar was a little bit better after lighting up with a half wick.


 I have a co-worker who has been relentlessly trying to get me to try out lighting a cigar with a hemp wick. A more traditional method would be to use a cedar spill, which is typically done.


 As far as the more traditional cigar lighting, we’re going to try out some headway because a co-worker gave me this. and full disclosure, I’ve tried this once before yesterday when I tried to film this video and then went and found out that the whole thing was out of focus and.


 I mean entirely out of focus; otherwise, I would’ve just slept it, though, because I’m lazy, but now wholly how the focus couldn’t upload it, so this is my second attempt, and here’s what we’re going to do.


 I have two identical cigars I’m using; the factory smokes sun-grown from Drew State, two of the same cigars. So I will like one with the butane torch, which I usually do and then.


 I’m going to try lighting the other with the hemp wick to see if there’s any difference.


 I did notice the difference yesterday, and we’ll see what happens today. I’ll give you my honest opinion. Unfortunately, my first impression is ruined. Here goes those kiddies cigars cut up all right, both almost identical effortlessly draw somewhat raisiny okay so first up seeing how they usually do toast the foot of this thing using my butane torch let’s get lit.


All right, guys, Sarah Lockwood is sitting out a little bit of charred oak flavor and a decent amount of spice with a particular amount of harshness to the back of the throat.


 This is usually the time where I’d like to set this thing down, let it rest a little bit, get a drink and then see how it changes out for the light but because this test is just purely how it tastes right after the light I’m going to leave it at that.


 I don’t worry; there will not be any tobacco abuse here. The cigar will not go to waste, but the same cigar we’re now going to light using the hemp wick.


 Now the texture of the stuff, if you’re unfamiliar with it as I am, it’s a waxy texture. It is similar to a candle wick, so I see why it’s called that, and it seemed yesterday that it does turn prolonged, and that’s an issue.


I often can’t toast a cigar correctly with a cedar spill because it seems like it’s always burning too fast on you, and I always end up burning my fingers.


  Now the flame on this isn’t super significant, but it looks like I can’t get a decent toast off of it.


 I charred the crap out of the cigar yesterday on the video that I messed up. 


 Alright, guys, and again, yes, there is a noticeable difference. But, again, I expected it to be as dramatic. But, still, I don’t think it’s a super-hidden fact that butane does affect the flavor of tobacco right off the bat, and I mentioned that a lot in my reviews, at least I think of you, but I try not to go on too much about it right at the initial light of the cigar.


 Because like that last cigar, I had a bunch of harshness in the back, no throw. That’s not something I usually mention in a review. But, keep in mind it was probably just because of the light. Often, I’ll have a hefty spicy flavor right after the light.


 And then, lol, with this light off with the Hedwig similar to with a cedar spill, you’re not getting a lot of those harsher flavors. There’s no harshness in the back of the throat on this lit cigar here aside from that, rather than like a charred oak flavor was more of a smooth over flavor.


So not necessarily different flavors but different versions of the flavors we already have. So they’re still a little bit of spice, no harshness, still oakiness, just not a charred oak lately.


 So I think you’re probably just getting a little more of the flavors you usually get after you let the cigar rest here like that. I don’t. That’s what I’d like to do. I’ll take a few pops off of it and rest, and then I’ll get into smoking it with some regularity.


 After that, you may or may not have to do that because right off the bat, you’re getting good flavors out of the cigar, so I will say I’m impressed with it.


 I’m not usually that kind of guy that goes after hemp products. I’m not interested in weed or anything like that; I don’t care for it personally. No offense, you know, do you? I just personally don’t. However, I still will say that this is a pretty decent product, and you use a lot less of its lightning than you would, let’s say, at Cedar spill.


 I’ll use an entire or spill like one cigar because I’m terrible at this even if my butterfingers can do it, so there you go, guys; I have no idea where you buy it, I have no idea how you acquire it, but it will say it works pretty well.


 So there you go. I’m sorry it’s taking me so long to record some videos. Hopefully, you will follow me on Instagram. You know that I haven’t been idle, just sitting there sick. I’ve been doing photography, taking pictures, getting prepped, getting a line of cigars ready for some good reviews, and I start hammering those out as soon as I can and get those videos uploaded so here you go, guys.