What’s going on, everyone. Slicks here today. I’m going to be going over whether or not hemp wick is worth buying. So if you don’t already know what hemp wick is, it’s pretty much a tool used with your lighter to smoke but without the direct flame coming from the lighter.

So I came up with this video idea when I started writing out a template on my lighter. Still, I didn’t run out of my stash of hemp wick because that’s this whole thing what I do is I wrap it around my lighter .and as you can see, it’s down to the last of it, so the toker poker goes very well with hemp wick .because it has this bit feature right here that you pull out the poker tool, and it wraps around this area perfectly. So I like to get out a lovely strand of hemp wick and slightly burn the whole thing because there’s a lot of extra wax.

So keep it from getting messy, so I get it first on there like that, get it tight around it, and then keep looping so all that string tied around it nicely, but we can fit even more on it because of how much space is on this poker.

Now that I’ve got enough wrapped around it, I will go ahead and cut it. It’s perfect now that I have a new hemp wick tied around my poker, let’s go ahead and light it up, and I’ll discuss whether or not it’s worth buying.

Cheers, guys, all right, so I guess the price is the first thing we’ll get into, so this whole ball is right here, which is I think is 420 feet of hemp wick. So 14 15 you can buy hemp wick anywhere you can get it off amazon. It’s nice and cheap, and if you guys decide to buy it, you should buy it in bulk because it’s much cheaper over time.

I know there are a lot of templates that are five dollars, but it’s only like 10 feet worth when this is 420 feet and only 15, so it’s just better to buy in bulk.

So my favorite reason for using hemp wick is that lighters taste like trash the butane. So many people say they don’t even taste it, but I cannot smoke just with the lighter directly in the bowl because I think that tastes terrible.

Another thing that goes along with the last point I just made is this is like one or two hundred degrees less, so it’s a lot of a less harsh hit.

So I got my bowl loaded here, and before I take the hit, I’ll tell you the one con about using hemp wick.

Sometimes when you’re taking the hit, if you are putting it too close to the bowl, your hemp wick can go out, and then you either need to stop that hit or light it with the lighter anyway. But if you’re using the lighter, it’s swift just to turn it on real quick rather than needing to set up the hemp weight one more time, which takes two seconds.

But I’m going to take this hit cheers, guys but going back to the price about it just so you guys know, and you might think I’m lying, but this lighter that’s in my poker.

I have been using this lighter for about six months now. I don’t know how much lighter fluid is still in there, but it’s been on for six months. That’s not because I don’t smoke a lot when you’re taking your hits.