Yo, what’s up, guys, so today. I’m going to show you some of the benefits of using hemp wick. You may see me use it in some of my videos. And yeah, let’s talk about it. Essentially, all that hemp wick is just hemp fibers wrapped up in the twine and then coated in beeswax to burn slower.

So when you burn it, you can feel it too. So it’s kind of got stuck to it, and that’s the beeswax right here.

I got a box of hemp wick. Uh, 200 feet I get, I don’t know; I don’t even use this all in a year.

It lasts forever you wrap it around the lighter do a little wrapping action and that later all you have to do is flick it just a little bit to light it and that’s it you know i’m saying you’re not holding it light in the bong so saves you money saves you lighters second reason people like to use hemp wick is for flavor it’s just like a nice it’s just you don’t taste that butane if you just if i right now rip this bong just butane i’d taste that if i did it with hemp wick i wouldn’t taste anything another reason another reason people like to use hemp wick is because it burns at a lower temp than just a straight lighter so it can result in like a little less of a harsh hit you know i’m sure there’s many more reasons why hemp why hemp wicks so beneficial to use um but we’re going to talk about a few cons because there is a few one con is like sometimes it won’t stay lit if you don’t have like a thick hemp wick so you go and try and light it you’re gonna try and light it right in like a big gust of wind.

It’s like out, so it’s not as great outdoors. It can be used outdoors, and I do it all the time.

But another one is like if you don’t keep track of it, it’ll get tangled as if I had this tangled to my legs like tracking it around the house somehow.

This is what it looks like. This is what the hemp wick looks like outside of the box.

See, it’s just like this it’s just a roll of wick hemp wick, so now let’s get to the natural part and show you guys how to use this hemp wick for people that haven’t tried it before the first thing you’re going to want to do is pack the bowl. All right, so pack the bowl to your desired amount depending on how high you want to get. You want to make sure this step is done first because you don’t want to be rushing around to do all this after you light the hemp wick, you know.

I do it all the time, so step two is simply lighting the end of the hemp wick with a lighter so simple as to get a little bit of extra, so it has some room to burn slowly. Just hit the bong and use it as a regular lighter.

If you were paying attention closely, you might have noticed how I put out that you may notice how I put out the wick there are five main styles of putting out the wicked wait did I say five I’m in three there are three main styles of putting out the wick I’ve learned these from a master, and I’m going to pass them on to you guys.

To use the first method is called the blowout simple as this right the following method is called the flick see that one’s a good one I like that one here’s one of my favorites one of my go-to styles.

This one’s called the finger snuff. You do that at a party, and you’ll impress the ladies.

There’s a few like sub-genre not as traditional styles like the twist that’s the twist you know, but we’re not going to get into any more of those we usually stick to those three main styles now that you wield this uh knowledge of hemp wick go about your lives and like change people’s lives.

Make a  difference. The conclusion is that hemp wick is my preference. If I get to choose and there’s a lighter and a lighter that has hemp wick, I’ll always choose the quick hemp one. 

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