Hemp Wick is a healthy alternative to traditional lighters. Use them to light anything and enjoy an enhanced smoking experience. 

If you want to switch to hemp wick but are unsure how to use it, keep reading to find a step-by-step guide and learn more about why hemp wick is the right choice! 

What Is Hemp Wick?

Hemp wick is a twine made from natural hemp fibers coated in beeswax and sold in spools. Normal string burns too easily because it is dry. Dipping it in beeswax gives you a slow and steady burn.

Hemp wick is considered to be a more enjoyable alternative to lighters, as it does not produce butane bi-products that damage your lungs. There are three diameters for hemp wick, 0.5 mm for indoor use, 1.0mm for indoor and outdoor use, and 2.0mm for outdoor use. 

How to Use Hemp Wick?

Using hemp wick is very easy, and since it offers several benefits, it is worth the effort to learn how to use them!

1. Untwist the Spool

Hemp wick is commonly sold in a spool. The first thing you do is unravel it from the end a little bit and light it. 

Be sure to unravel only a small bit of the spool; it is covered in beeswax, which is sticky and can create quite a mess if you separate too much. 

2. Light the Tip 

Light the freed end of the spool with any lighter or match. The hemp fiber will burn away any harmful bi-products of your lighter, so you do not need to worry! 

Important: Be sure to keep the flame away from your hair and clothes. 

1. Even the Flame

When you light the hemp wick, the flame might be too large or too small. Tilt the wick to adjust the size of the flame. Try not to use the hemp wick until you achieve a stable flame. 

2. Light It Up

Once you have a steady flame, you can light anything how you normally would with any lighter. Hemp wick does not flop like regular twine, so you do not need to worry. 

3. Extinguish

Dip the burning end of the wick into water or sand. You can also use wet fingers to put the fire out. Ensure the fire is completely out before returning your twine.

Benefits of Using Hemp Wick

There are several benefits of using a hemp wick to light your smokables over a lighter! 

1. It’s More Natural

Hemp and beeswax are natural products; this ensures your smoking experience is as chemical-free as possible! On the other hand, lighters are made with a refined gas called butane.

Butane burns at very high temperatures, so the hemp wick is the preferred option! 

2. Tastes Better

Without the chemicals and smell of butane, the natural smell of what you are smoking can shine and provide you with a better-tasting experience. 

3. Saves Money

Hemp wicks burn slowly and evenly, so they last much longer than lighters. If you consistently use hemp wick to smoke, one ball of hemp wick will cost you less than most lighters and last much longer.

4. Environmentally Friendly 

Think of all the plastic lighters you have used; they are probably in some landfill polluting the earth. Hemp wick naturally decomposes once you are done using it. 

Hemp wick also produces less harmful by-products. Switching to hemp wick is the better alternative for you and mother nature.

Different Uses for Hemp Wick

A common use for hemp wick is for smoking but there are several other uses! 

1. Candles 

Hemp wick burns slowly and has an actual flame. For those who like to make candles, hemp wicks are a great alternative to normal wicks. Your candle will melt much more evenly, and the hemp will add a nice earthy aroma to your candle. 

2. Cooking

If you ever go on a camping trip and need to light a bonfire or barbecue from a safe distance, hemp wick is a great way to light large fires from safe distances to prevent you and anyone else from getting hurt.

It lets you keep your hands away when lighting fires, whereas lighters or match sticks require you to get dangerously close to the fire. 


Hemp wick is a great investment for smoking and has several other uses. Switching to hemp wick is great for you and the environment. It is also easy and convenient to use! 

Hemp wick provides a better taste and smell, and is more environmentally friendly. Hemp wick is also much cheaper, so it is a win-win solution to all your problems!