In this one, hemp wick vs. lighters in this video, I’m going to smoke a bowl with this hand plank. I’m going to hit some bombs with this hemp wick, and I’m going to compare it to the lighter. So if you enjoyed this video at any point in time, make sure you give this video the thumbs up. And if you haven’t subscribed to a custom girl 420, already subscribe. For more, here it is HEMP WICK vs. lighters. This video is going to go up into the cannabis education playlist. 

Let’s get it, man. The controversy is his lighters taint the tastier weed and the burnt-up fluid. That comes out of here if you roast the bowl, and it tastes funny. Hemp wick is supposedly a cleaner hit. That’s the controversy. If you guys have anything, if you guys are avid halfway, either users or haters, go down in comments and let me know. I’ve been smoking weed with a Bic lighter for almost 20 years, and I’m a bull roaster, so we’re just going to compare it right along in this video.

 We’re going to get to it. We’re in a smoke. We’re going to smoke with some ham flakes here for you guys, and we’re going to see if we can tell the difference. Let’s get it this is hemp wick versus lighters. Cheers, that’s chronic right there that’s bomb smoking on some Duchess right here we cleaned out the Fat Boy glass some mini inline here this bad boy is an absolute flavor savor some flavor condenser.

 Oh, that tasted the bomb I roasted the crap out of with this ladder as you guys can see taste it nothing but good chronic. Mm-hmm.

I never even heard of the controversy that bees can make your lighters and can make your weed taste funny until I saw him look a couple of years ago. Let’s get it. I’ll show you guys what’s up. I’m going to show you guys using their hands like man, let’s get it. We’ve only done this a couple of times in our life. All right, a lot of people I fear that if you can save money with hemp wicks, you can save on lighters, and I thought about that, and it always made me laugh.

 And I just thought, how are you going to light your hand plank? You still need a lighter to light your hand. So playing all right, man, let’s get it to let’s smoke some of this.

 Laughs half a week versus lighters here. It takes one to see if we can notice the difference in the taste and see if we did this right. HEMP WICK vs. lighters.

 Cheers, once again, good chronic pleasant taste. No noticeable difference to me from the big to the HEMP WICK wing now I could see what people are saying if I was roasting a bomb the other day and I was roasting it with the latter a lot now if the latter wasn’t lit and the presser was still down, and he was pushed and flew it out.

 And if you were sucking that through I give, your flame went out, and you were sucking that through your weed for quiet for a minute or a couple of seconds.

 You know, if you suck that through, I can see that maybe you can taste the butane. Maybe that way the lighter fluid, but when little lighters lit like that, you’re just sucking flame. So I don’t think you’re getting any taste from the fluid that’s in this lighter.

 I think you suck as long as you want from the flame. As long as you’re just destined for the flame, you’re not getting any taste; that’s my personal belief.

 No, let’s get it. Let’s see, can’t hemp wick vs. lighter.

s Cheers, well, what do you guys think? It tastes good to me. Oh my goodness, man yeah. How are you going to light your hemp wick? And you have to light your hemp wick every time you’re going to sit there, and light matches over and over again.

 You get to sit. Yeah, you have to use a line of work. Let’s get it can’t.

 Wick versus lighters.

 Cheers all right now to this burnt wick. Oh, want this coming over there? No, I don’t care that it’s not bad, but it’s slightly different. All right, here’s something I heard before. I asked somebody. I said, how are you going to light your hemp wick and they said, you light a candle, and you leave a candle next to you, and you’re smoking your weed. Stop that nobody’s doing that. We SMO could we like a candle now I’m just playing man.

 This is all out of love if you guys use the hemp wick, man more power to you.

 I have respect for this medicine in all forms. To have wick to me, it’s just kind of like a novelty.

 Some people stand by this and will fight and tell you that this is the best.

The only way I’ve seen you guys hear of the weed snobs will tell you, oh no, I won’t even hit me with lighters; it has to be the hemp wick, so I don’t know.

 I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years and honestly never been able to tell the difference from the taste. So, let’s get it hemp wick vs. lighters in my personal beliefs.

 Cheers: Oh yeah, we’ll bake you a couple of years ago on Valentine’s Day. Ah, what’s hemp wick vs. lighters.

 Lana, have you guys ever used it before.? Let me know what you think about it. You guys use it for some time and then stop. Let’s hear it all. 

Right we’re baked already. Educational videos it’s a good reason to smoke about four bowls. All right, yeah, my mouth tastes chronic. But, it doesn’t taste like blue and oral.

 I can’t wait. All right, we’ve got the thick-ass glasses cleaning out someone’s double honeycomb to the spinning splash guard, and this one’s like the double fretted.

 This double fritted disc to the spinning splash guard is bubblicious over here. All right, man, we’re baked already but let’s get it, man. So let’s do this—hemp wick versus lighters.

 Cheers. Oh my god. Oh, my goddess. Ah, Edward, wait. It works right ah it worked great tastes great. Oh my goodness, we’re good in this one. All right, man, you guys are still watching this right now. If you guys haven’t clicked off, make sure you give this video the thumbs up.

 Oh man, if you enjoyed this video at the end of this video, oh. Sure, to your Facebook so somebody else could see. Alright, let’s sit this one’s wider and see if you can tell the difference. But, of course, guys already know what that man hemp wick vs. lighters is.

 Cheers. The lighter worked great. Can you believe it? It was right; it tasted great. Oh, alright to me, hemp wick versus lighters. The lighter winds, but you still need some flame to light this. I can’t tell any noticeable taste difference even if you roast it and roast it and roast it.

 That’s just my personal beliefs. But, as I said, these videos go up to the cannabis education playlist.