Hey everybody. April here with the cannabis care team.

Today I want to talk about hemp wick. I know I give a lot of these out, and I realized that some people don’t get to tell what this is or the advantages, so I’m going to do that in this video today.

 Um, so this is industrial hemp that was grown organically on a farm in the United States, and this hemp has been coated in beeswax, and that’s going to guarantee a nice slow burn.

 I think that it’s essential that people choose to smoke um cannabis, which is the most common method and have healthier alternatives to using a butane lighter.

And so, if you’ve ever lit a lighter, you often will see a cloud of black smoke rise. This is not something you want to be inhaling when you think about lighting a bowl or lighting a joint.

And you’re inhaling the same time you’re lighting this, all those chemicals are going into your lungs, and we want to avoid that because this is medicine, and we want to keep it that way.

 Using hemp wicks is much better for the environment. Um, hemp is a great plant that cleans all toxins from the soil. Using this is much better than using these plastic lighters. All of these end up in a landfill at some point, and if we can avoid having these made in the first place, that would be ideal.

 So many people do like using hemp wick because it allows you to enjoy the taste and flavor of your cannabis. a lot of people spend a lot of time growing or spend a lot of money purchasing. I’m quality flour, and they want to taste all those terpenes and those compounds and get the full medical benefit because hemp wick combusts at a lower temperature.

 Then butane, you’re more likely to preserve many beneficial cannabinoids, including the terpenes. Still, you do want to get all of the medical benefits from your plant, and by combusting at a lower temperature, this could allow you to do that all right. So you guys are ready to learn how to use it all right.

 So I’m just going to light the end of this with a lighter, you know, you don’t have to use a lighter um you can have a candle laying around but so here’s my flame so you could easily have your bowl or your bong and hold this and use this to light it several times as opposed to lighting this several times.

 And so I’ve got a CBD pre-roll that I’m going to light, and it does taste a lot better. So I’m just going to blow that out if you have any questions about healthy ways to consume cannabis or how to get the most medical benefits. You know that you can always call us at — well, or check us out on our website, Facebook page, Instagram, etc.