Hey, guys, follow me on Twitter for updates. And add me on Snapchat. Both of them are on the screen. If you liked the video, leave a like, subscribe, and turn on notifications for more. Enjoy the video. What’s up, guys? It’s Isaiah. It was shaved today. I’m going to be explaining what hemp wick is and why I use it. I want to mention that this is not the video I was planning to make tonight, and I tweeted about that.

 And they’ve seen it, but I’m just going to get into the video. So I’m just going to take a hit first and do it with a look. Cheers. Okay, so first, I should explain what my keys are. I’ve got just a roll of it. I don’t know what you call this, but it’s a string and a small rope made out of hemp. And then it’s covered in beeswax, which allows it to burn slowly and holds a flame very well.

 But it’s also pretty easy to put it out. So I’m just going to take a hit between each point I make. That’s why I know how users continue to choose. The next thing that I like about hemp wick is its much smaller fine.

 I have the post-up shot of that and what that allows you to do is have a lot more control over the flame, and you can corner a bowl that is just lighting it.

Just lighting the edge of it may have seen my bubble where this tiny bubble adds something about that tall, but the flame has to be so close to your face.

 That it feels like it’s going to burn you.

Hemorrhoid helps with that because of this smaller flame, and it’s also not as hot. I’ll talk more about that after they say cheers, hemp wick burns at degrees Fahrenheit and hemp wick burns at about degrees Fahrenheit. Wheatland burns at around degrees Fahrenheit, so anything a lot hotter will destroy more cannabinoids. So basically, the higher the temperature, the higher it will get heated. It’s probably not a very significant amount, but it is measurable. Cheers. My final point is that an employee will give you a lot better taste. Butane lighters will make your bowl taste like butane, and it’s hard to taste the difference at first. When you first try a Twix, switching that book for a while and then trying a lighter is the taste difference. It is noticeable, so if you care about tasting your wheat, it is an excellent way to do that quickly. Cheers, this is a final hit. Oh, I hope you learned something about hemp wick, and thanks for watching peace