Hi there, buds. And a few of my videos, I used hemp wick, and I get asked quite a bit in the comment section about him. Quick like, why do I use him. Quick, what are the benefits of hemp wick? So I thought that I would do a quick little video on why I occasionally use hemp wick.

 I don’t use it every single time, but I try to use hemp wick when I remember to. So I have my four broad ceramic little cactus balls here. And let’s light this up, and I’ll tell you a bit about hemp wick and why I like it.

 Cheers. Using my rainbow clipper lighter looks lovely, and the hemp wick is just a slight hint of the black holder. Meet one more hit like I didn’t get that great ahead. So in the play, there are a few benefits to using hemp wick.

Number one, you don’t get that butane II taste if you’re using a small pipe like this or anything super small. And you use a butane lighter such as a clipper or a big or just about any lighter nowadays. Some are electronics, but most of them have flint and then contain butane on the inside. So you don’t want to breathe that in, particularly from such a short distance because it’s going to taste like butane hemp wick.

 Keep your hits tasting super clean, which is nice. So let’s take another hit from the hemp with this hemp wick.

  So the second reason I use hemp wick is that I use the tenth wick occasionally. Most of the videos where I use hemp wick are strain reviews.

 Because you can taste the cannabis when using hemp wick. Hemp wick burns at a lower temperature than a butane lighter, so you’re able to taste more of the terpenes and the cannabis, which gives you the flavor in your mouth.

 And yeah, I tend to use a hemp wick because it tastes just a bit better, and that’s not just from the butane. It’s from burning at a lower temperature than it would with a lighter. Another reason I use hemp wick is that it can be a lot more environmentally friendly than using a lighter.

 And the reason why is because occasionally, I have a candle going, and you can dip your hip flick into the flame and keep lighting it instead of having to use lighter after lighter or using more butane stored in a can.

 It’s just a more environmentally friendly way to take up. Plus, the candle also provides some smell protection. So I would pick my candle up and use it right this second. But, still, it’s scalding because it’s been sitting there and burning for like an hour and a half, so I can’t really lift it and get it into the frame, so we’re just going to use the lighter, but it is a perfect way to light up and not feel environmentally.

 Like you’re doing the environment badly, you can fill up with environmentally friendly lighting while lighting up.

 I occasionally think about that, and I’ve been trying to use hemp wick, particularly in my spare time when I have a candle around because I almost always have a candle going, and I should use hemp wick instead.

 Cheers, you guys.

The earth can use as much help as they can get in the environmental department if you guys are not aware, but yeah, that’s pretty much why I use hemp wick. I’ve used it because it’s environmentally friendly.

 I use it because it makes your herb taste better, and I use it because you don’t get that butane taste in your head. I also like it because you support hemp farmers by purchasing hemp, which is always good. And it’s dipped in all-natural beeswax. So, usually, you’re supporting the bees or bee farmers, which is another area that could use some support.

Overall it just feels good when I light with hemp wick because I feel like I’m doing good, mainly when I use a candle or some flame source that you already have going in your home.

 Hell, I’ve even used my fireplace during the winter to light my hemp, just like dipping it right in there and using that as your flame because there’s no reason to continue to use butane. 

Let’s cut down on our butane usage if we can. Plus, I feel like my lungs will enjoy that, like not using as much butane in the long run. I feel like it’s going to do my lungs justice.

 So thank you guys so much for watching this video. If you liked it, give it a thumbs up. Leave a comment below. Why do you use hemp wicks? Do you use hemp wicks? Do you notice any difference in the flavor? Do you notice any difference with just not tasting the butane? Let me know what you guys think. I notice a difference with the taste, particularly in the short pipes, no taste of butane because I can taste butane when your pipes are short.

 But with hemp wick, it tastes so much better. Thank you guys so much for watching, and I’ll see you around for whatever.