Hello, I’m shooting on my credit camera today, so I’m going to try and do this relatively quickly and in one take, so let’s start with a bomb grip real quick. I’m using a Beilein hemp wick that I purchased from hunky-dory in a Eugene smoke shop, not a dispenser, in case anybody is curious what it is. I’ll put the information for everywhere listed today down in the down bar. And this was a Jack the Ripper from Eugene OG the weed, and this is my excellent joke drop from dope strap. I was hoping you could make sure that spit out alright, so I’ve got two things to unbox today. The first that we’re going to unbox was a giveaway that I won on Instagram. This was sponsored by Humboldt hemp wick there at Humboldt hemp wick, and our website is www bolt traders com. so I’m excited alright the first thing that we’ve got in here is 250 feet of Humboldt hemp wick. So I am going to be set on the hemp wick for a while. Next, I’ve got two wired natural hemp rolling papers from Randy’s roots, so that’s excellent hip rolling papers. Okay, so this is from Jay’s smoking accessories. They’re tapered bristle pipe cleaners. They have an enjoyable, yeah, they have a fascinating texture to them. They’re not soft, I’m not hard like they’re not going to check your pipe or anything, but they have like tiny red plastic bristles in there. That’s neat. I’ve meant to clean my pieces, and I’ve got all the stuff to clean it, but now I’ve got the tool. It’s always helpful to have a tool up. They sent me some stickers. Lots of Humboldt stickers. Oh, they’re flying at me. Alright, that’s fun. They just flew over there. Oh, they sent me a bunch of tiny free samples too. How many are there? I don’t know six-seven tiny Humboldt hemp wick samples in there either. Awesome, we got two more things in here. This is all packaged up, but this is also by jas smoking accessories, and it is an eight cigarette roller, the joint roller, or I mean you could roll cigarettes with it too. But that’s not what I shall be using for excellence and very minor. Oh, there are more free examples licks in here, more never-ending with the last thing I got in here. This is neat. I’ve seen these before, but I’ve never used one that’s called a smoke buddy. It’s a personal air filter. So supposedly, I can blow my smoke on one side, and it will not be as smelly on the other side. I have no idea how it works. I’ll have to try to see if it works at all. Awesome holy crap, that was a lot of stuff, so thank you to Humboldt hemp wick for all of this magical menace to the 420 merch things. I don’t know what’s in this one, so this one’s going to be a surprise. They are at happy 420 merch www happy 420 Marcom. They asked if they could send me some products to test out to see if I like them. I know there will be a shirt in here, but I don’t know what else is so exciting to see. Oh, got some pops off, hmm great pops up with tiny white leaves on there, that’s all. Oh, another pair of hot socks. These are short, white with blue. They are cute. I like this. Oh, a lot more awesome stickers. Black ones, white ones, many stickers. I’ll throw them down there with the rest of the stickers. But there’s a coupon code down here that is valid through July 4th. It helps that some med containers with stickers on them are always suitable to have containers for your product. I can’t open them because I’m weakling. For stickers and oh, there’s more in here, I thought you could be a shirt. What up, there are some smaller stickers. These are fantastic little bracelets that say I support legalization. Happy 420. fun. Another little meth container, there are more small stickers down here, okay, and the shirt wow that’s a lot of stuff that says I support legalization pot leaf on a bit of tank top. I had to pick out which shirt I wanted. This one seemed like the most wearable for many occasions. Excellent, thank you so much, too happy 420 merch; I will be posting pictures of all of this on my social media. Thank you again, too. Let’s try and shout out everybody starting from the start dope strap and Eugene OG and what is that beeline him quick I think we’re the first three and then humble him quick for the giveaway and Randy’s wires and Jas smoke accessories and smoke buddy and happy 420 March whoo that’s a lot of people all right.