hey, all of you, I’m going to make sure the stream is all set up correctly before I go into anything because I’m not quite sure I could set this upright, so let me see, and Loki’s going to be a bass all the entire time because you won’t leave me alone but let’s see. it’s showing, oh alright, you all well the reason why we’re doing this video today is that I received a package from Humboldt Hemp Wick they decided to be kind enough and sponsor my giveaway and send me a bunch of items for future giveaways as well as a t-shirt for myself and a few items to try out I know a lot of it’s going to be heavyweight, so I’m super super excited. and Loki’s excited too because he won’t leave me alone he’s going to be like this the entire stream because if I lock the door with him outside of it, you just going to scream and cry the entire time, and there’s nothing I can do about it unless well I’ll walk him out and then he screams and cries. but I’m super excited about having humble help against one of my sponsors for my qk giveaway. What I’m going to do is I got my CB Bo. All of my yummy believe I got Gorilla Glue in here for us today. Let’s see. I wrote a tiny guerrilla Klee. look how yummy this looks super tasty Terp tastic. I mean, it’s tasty as all get-out super sticky crisply love it. That’s a good girl igloo for you. but let’s uh note, well let’s open this the only knife like the fine off-hand so let’s not stop me Loki I’m going to get rid of his hold on. you’ll be screaming and crying in like two seconds, so hey. so when I forget having a Bengal kitten, they’re like children but ten times worse. oh, thank you for making sure that this was securely taped up so no one could get into it, and also, alright, I didn’t cut myself alright, let’s see what we got in here the whole bunch of newspaper you all right. Well, I’m going to let the suspense build up. I’m going to smoke. I like dirty I for twenty walls sorry I’m for twenty incredible. once I open up this the rest of the way the package, I’ll probably be able to light my incredible with some home, but a quick but for now, I’m going to smoke with Ally. and that’s the one great thing about Humboldt how quickly I am so excited they decide on a sponsor. Well, you know, send me some stuff for me as well as future giveaways. I have this cute three-tier drawer that’s like my favorite color. It’s that like teal greenish-blue color and all of the items that I plan to give out through like my future giveaways I have cute little ducky card caps a couple of cute Roach clips different things like that papers raw cones different things I’ve collected along my travels when I went on like you know little mini-vacations. never big vacations that’s too much money. but I love these Incredibles. They’re super amazing. If you like what you’re seeing, hit the like button. Also, I would love to get the hundred mark so that I can change my little, uh you are out of hey special, okay, that would be super awesome before anyone else steals it. but just going to wait a few moments, and then we’re going to open this up the rest of the way. going to make sure your super Sony before you open up any packages, so I don’t know. I love waiting to open the packages on you know on stream because the happiness and excitement are real it’s not like, oh, I’m so happy all of you thanks so much on both have to wait no I’m like it’s genuine, and I love to see people that are genuine online and not fake. and that’s what you’re about to get soon as I finished getting high. Let’s assume I won’t need to be using this trusty Beck anymore. I can light my hump one time, and until I like to put it out, it’ll be good to keep on smoking. Unfortunately, my unprepared self, you’ll learn this through my streams that I’m never organized on time. I’m of southern time, born and raised in the South. I will always be in southern time. There’s one that I don’t know flaws that you learn to love about me. but what I just did there and shoving my finger in that don’t ever do that you can break your incredible that way um I’m just a rebel. but this is almost kicked, and then we will continue to open up the Humboldt half-wit box. I’m so excited. I’ve always wanted to try humble half-wits and their products and websites. Everything is amazing. We have many cool devices that work with the Humboldt quickly, like little containers you can wrap it around lighters and different things like that. Still, they’re using hemp, which is 100% organic and should be organic natural. You’re not having to cut down millions of trees and wipe out rainforests, and why do you know about all kinds of different animals, birds, insects, whatever you name it? When you wipe out a rainforest, you wipe out all kinds of stuff. and hemp can be grown and used in such a quick matter of time compared to you have to grow a tree from a sapling up to, you know, a full-blown big-ass tree that we chopped down to turn into rolling papers or paper for us to you know drawing right on or any of the other total paper anything that we make you know trees out of hump can be made You know you can make all those things out of hemp. It’s so much more durable and reliable when you make it into court. It’s one of the strongest ropes known to man. when you mix hemp into certain things like there’s now, please don’t quote me on the exact wording, so I’m terrible at this. but I was reading the article where there’s hemp like concrete that’s flame-retardant you build your house out of it, and you’re it’s flame retardant it can’t catch fire now if my house were made out of that I would still be living in it and not a little rink pink trailer you know. There are so many advances with hemp and marijuana in general that people need to open their eyes and understand that it’s not the devil’s plan. It’s an amazing product that can be turned into textiles and medicine. You name it; marijuana can pretty much be turned into it. lotions and I mean oh my gosh humph lotion it’s a dive bar it smells so good it makes my um the shampoo conditioner makes my hair feel so good. Hemp seeds have all of the omega-3 like fatty acids. It has so many minerals, proteins, and nutrients in one tablespoon compared to a tablespoon or teaspoon. I put them together one tablespoon, or a teaspoon of hemp seeds is like a [ __ ] ton of fish. it’s so healthy and good for you, and more people need to try. it also doesn’t do what you’re hearing me do that will kill you. but let’s unbox these bugs. I’ve seen its better days and must feel like it eradicated it. They must have played kickball with it or something. but at least they had some whole fun bunch [Music] Wow, what newspaper I was trying to save paper towels cardboard everything all at once in Clinton think of the name. All alright, we have. Oh, I got one huge roll of Humboldt to have WIC. This is a 250-foot roll. I guess I’m never going to run out a humble cup wick alright we have one two three four five fifty foot Humboldt have wick little packages. These are going to be great for future giveaways. So look at what can be in the giveaways if you follow. Hey, my Instagram page is special, okay with three wives, same as the YouTube channel. oh, I love these got one two three four five five Humboldt hemp wick pins, and those are so cute it has our logo on it I’m about to open up one right now. All right, I love pins and stuff. I’m a super big pokemon fan, and I like collecting cards. I am certain like little card sets have what this beat in me I can’t open it is, but all a bunch of pokemon cards come with little pins, and I have them all on top of one of the like puke iman’s foxes I have which is like a joke on the Pokemon cards. but this is the pin. It’s super, super cute, and has some weight to it. It’s nice; excuse my nose, they’re chipping, and they look terrible since I took my fake nails. what doesn’t destroy your nails like that, and you won’t have to deal with this afterward we’ve got a whole bunch of heads I’m super excited about that let’s see, I’ve got a coupon code for 20% off the next purchase I’m going to throw this into the giveaway probably, or you know what this might be better if I buy in bulk and buy a whole bunch of products from home boat hub quick to give her other giveaways because who doesn’t want you know hemp weight to be able to light all of your bowls joints Incredibles bongs whatever you want you could light it with this you don’t have to keep on lighting the pick over and over and over break it. so I might do that if it’s up in the air. If I don’t use it, I will put it into a giveaway. but either way, it’ll be used for further giveaways. 5 20 footers five is awesome. All alright, got five little packages stickers we got slaps for your bones your I have a cool box that my Incredibles go into it’s like a little case I’m going to put one of these on this bad boy so cute once again it’s their logo Humboldt has quick with the badass be. All alright, we got one of those, alright we are throwing a bunch of those in the future giveaways alright yay I’ve been waiting for this Humboldt homework t-shirt Humboldt hang quick. alright, you have to throw it on. Now look, guys, I can’t wait to wear this in future videos on Instagram and YouTube. Oh, it’s so cute. I’m going to fix me so nice thank you so much, Humboldt, have WIC I love it alright now that’s the one thing that I was super happy about they did ask me what my shirt size was, and I immediately was like, I’m getting a t-shirt I’m so excited but yeah humble that wake. All alright, and last but not least, I knew they were another one of these in here. I’m so happy they did say they were going to throw in something special. I’ve got a little glass case, and this is cool. It holds your humble top quickly through the court. You can pull it up as you need. I’m going to pull it too much, and then to tap it out, you go like this, and the air will knock it out. alright, so let’s try this out. I’m so excited. I knew they would like it when I picked it up and like how they were talking. I was hoping I was going to get one of their little cases, and it’s pink. That’s so cute, alright let’s smoke. Thank you so much. I’m bold. How quick for all the items 250-foot, a bunch of the 25-footers, I’m sorry 50 feet and then a couple 20 front footers and the pins and so much more. but we’ll go back through everything once again at the end just if there are any stragglers. Thank you so much, MV BMV a but if there are any bodies hasn’t seen it yet, I will go back through and show all the items that I was given through Humboldt hump lick for myself and future giveaways now the giveaway is going to be on my Instagram once again my Instagram is the same name as my YouTube channel hey with three wives Special K. if you’re if you like the content you’re seeing hit the like button below and also hit the subscribe button do you want to hit that a hundred marks so that I can get the little you can say hey smush okay small steps. Now I guess this can be put away since I don’t need to open any more packages. Let’s pack up another bowl of mmm, so good look how big that is though some Gorilla Glue [Music]. Luckily I was prepared enough to grind some up before I went live. Alright, pull a little extra out since I’m smoking. I’m incredible. All right, you know what I should do. Should I light a joint with my humble downbeat, or should I light be incredible? I don’t know if it’s a toss-up. they’re both so smokeable. What we can do is both. Let’s start with the joint. Now all you have to do is prelight the humble hug work. of course, that first joint I roll to put on my Livestream has to run but once you’re done goes out. alright, it fixed it, so oh well, thank you so much. Yeah, this is cool. It’s a super neat product, and if you look, there’s barely anything left you can just, and it’s off that’s so awesome. but you never know with all this talk, and I’m probably not to relight that joint quite a few times. but I’m just saying I don’t know. I love smoking on all kinds of different devices. MVP MPA I started with joints, of course, well actually roaches all stealing roaches off of my older brother, but then I started smoking joints and found out that BowlBowl was big into bongs for a long time because I thought they were cool. um, but I like the what oh no, I don’t know what I consider my favorite smoking device honestly, it probably is the good old paper. I owned only a roll with plain papers or might have a company that sent me some pink papers. Now there is an exception because they’re hemp. I only really smoke rolling hemp papers. Why cut down another tree to make a pack of papers? I mean, there are millions of plants that you can cut down. that grows back so quickly. All alright, you smoked a little bit. Let’s start lighting up to be incredible with my cool little humble head. Wait, I cannot wait to do this giveaway. All of you are going to see all kinds of cool items. Now, if I can see what I was doing, I probably work a little better. what your Humboldt hemp wick will not work if you jam it into the BowlBowl just let you know that’s not going to work. good, you just saw me do it. I was like, what do I do, what do I do alright? Well, since I failed, I have that will relate to the joint. because that’s probably something, I’m going to have to practice. It is so cool. Just a flick of the wrist flick the wrist, and it’s out, and you’re good to go now there. There are other ones where of course, you can snuff it by pulling it back through and snuffing it, but with something so easily blown out like from moving it, I would do that number, and you’d be good. but I’m so excited about this pin. It’s so cute; it’s like the cutest thing ever. I’m so happy, and you all are going to be too once you get one of these pins and some humble at what 20 flutters some lucky people will get some 50 kinds of butter [Music] now with the first giveaway, I’m going to try and go all-out I want my first giveaway to be super memorable. I want everyone that participates to be happy. Every sponsor will get a Youtube video to shout out and videos like I’m doing an unboxing and like the first impression. Then, later on, I will either do all of them together as a review later on, or they will be separate. It depends on how I’m feeling. I’ve also thrown out that whoever likes it the most would get the full video. Still, I’ve done everyone will like full videos on their products just because I’m just so happy for companies to be reaching out to me and sending me products to try it out for myself have like a t-shirt and then also send out to my followers so that they can try the products and then spread you know word up you know word of mouth is the best advertisement. I can say Humboldt have wick is the way to go for any smoking accessory to where you like you know to light your joints or try and light your bowls. and it’s so much cuter I’d rather hold this around and use this in a video than a big bulky pic or my torches or anything like that I think it’d be so much better with this cute little do it’s so cute but yeah I’m gonna try and make it super memorable I am still looking for more sponsors for the giveaway each sponsor their item will be featured in the original giveaway post as well as their company will be tagged and if they want a specific hashtag to be used they also have the option of using the hashtag all of my followers I want to participate oh thank you so much for subscribing MVP mba but any any of my followers they will have to if they want to be entered into it there’s going to be different entries like you’ll be able to enter it one way and enter another way so you have multiple entries we’re also going to have you all the sponsors will have to be followed by my followers in order for them to have an entry and that’s like the initial you have to share the post and follow the sponsors. Also, sponsors that sponsor the post will receive a youtube video unboxing and a review later on down the road, and sponsors that want to sign on full time get a little link in my Instagram, a link on my YouTube, and a link to all kinds of other things. If you are interested in sponsoring any of my giveaways, shoot me a DM on Instagram but other than that, I’m super excited that I was able to unbox this with you all. I’m going to hump as I followed them pretty much since I got on Instagram one of my friends was following them shared one of their posts, and all it’s like oh hemp to light you you know smoking devices away what better thing can you have and I’m so excited that they decided to join me with this giveaway in future giveaways. they sent me a great bit of stuff, so not all this will be thrown at the first giveaway. This will be spaced out over multiple giveaways, but the big first giveaway will be a super big one. There are going to be Roach clips; carb caps pay burrs cones might throw in a grinder. There’s going to be humble halfway items you’re getting a dive buddy, which right there alone is a $70 value for just the dab buddy. and that is an amazing product. You can check out the video for the dab buddy on my youtube. There’s an unboxing, and as the first impression on it, if you like that video, it is a loan. If you like what you see now, hit the like button and also subscribe. but we’re going to wrap this up because I’m a super stone and getting the munchies I want to get something to eat. but we got a bunch of stickers, we got a bunch of 50-foot rolls of Humboldt halfway, and we got a good bit of 20 footers newspaper since I got blurry for a second. newspaper again a bunch of pins one lucky person will either receive this 20% off code or I will be buying a humble heavyweight to put in the future giveaway so either way, you all will benefit from it. and last, oh, I got this super cool feeling out of one of those. and then a big thing of Humboldt hemp wick that I will be using in so many videos. but last but not least, this amazing t-shirt you all um absolutely um MVB MBA now at that point you know it’s going to take a lot longer. Still, I would go through and say that it’s not for just people within the United States. I see many people limiting their giveaways to just people within the United States or their country, not abroad, and I don’t want to do that now. I would say with my first one; I’m not going to make anyone pay for anything as far as shipping. but if it would get rather pricey like bongs or anything that’s going to weigh a whole bunch that I would ship out, and within the future, I don’t know, I don’t know what it’s going to be. Still, at least for this initial one, I will ship abroad. I will cover the shipping because, as I said, I want everyone to have a great time with this giveaway. People who participate, the person that wins all-around myself, the sponsors, everyone. I want everyone to have a great time. so for everyone to have a great time, why should you shell out money to get what you want. I don’t. I don’t think that’s right. So no, no, I take back about saying that in the future, if I’m doing a bunch of giveaways, I’ve had to grow in popularity, which means there’s usually some form of income, you know, something along those lines. So yeah, we are good, but we’re going to finish this up, and I’m going to get off here so that I can eat. I got smoke in my eye, and I also really really really want to look more into the new Mario game that is coming out on Switch. Because of the Mario game coming up, I’m going to get a better computer so I can live stream my Switch on. I capture hearts. You know the items that I would need to be able to live stream. but I think I’m going to live stream all of the gameplay for the new Mario game on the Switch, but once again, thank you so much, Humboldt Havoc, for sending me so many items to try out as well as they give to my followers and this giveaway coming up in future giveaways. I will have their links below for their Instagram, their website, everything; please stop by their sites, drop them like, follow them, subscribe, and bye if you go to their website, you see something like. Still, because you’re not going to regret it, their items are amazing, and therefore I mean, it’s a good cause you’re not using plants you know you’re not using trees it’s ham and you we go through how much hump it’s amazing. So just I would, I mean, honestly, I was oh no no I lost my train of thought Nick but um yeah I’ll have their links below so to stop by like well they’re subscribed as well as if you like what you see besides nice couple mess-ups. hit the like button and subscribe. Thank you so much again. Stay high, stay enlightened, and you all have a great night bye.