What’s going on, everybody. It’s your boy, the Loki legend. How are you all doing today? I do it alright. I am back with a brand new episode of stoner tips for you guys. So today, we are jumping on board with an episode of the stoner tips series.

Today’s topic we are going to be covering is hemp wicks. So if you guys don’t know what that is, if you learned something from the video or enjoyed the special thumbs up, let’s dive right in.

This episode is talking about some hemp wicks. Alright, so let’s dive right into it. The first place I’ve ever got introduced to hemp hooks was, I believe, online. So if you guys are watching this video, maybe you have never heard of hemp wicks or still don’t know what they are. But, on the other hand, maybe you have seen them online.

I never thought to go ahead and continue with that purchase that you were thinking about going with. But I would recommend that you guys try them out. It’s affordable to many people, and it can go a long way depending on how you decide to use them. You can buy these online at a lot of different retail or different smoke websites.

I guess I’ve never seen them on sale at any tobacco stores. I don’t know if they’re that retina Lee available. I think they are, actually, but they might be in a string of a minimal amount, so you might be able to get them in tobacco stores, but they will only be three feet, maybe four feet. I’m not sure the exact percentage of how long they will be, but I know that you can buy an entire ball of hemp wick online for like $ more or less, no more than $. So you can buy an entire ball of hemp wick, and that hemp goes up to maybe, I would say, more than feet big this is an entire ball of hemp week.

You can get your hands on what it does and its purpose. All you do is you have to light it, and then once you like the end of the hemp wick, it’ll stay lit, and it’ll stay burning as a lighter wood. So as soon as you decide to blow that hemp wig out or blow it out to dye it out or pinch it out, .whatever you decide to do, you can light that hemp wick when you have a lighter go ahead and light it .and just going to stay lit so you can use that light after the hemp wicks lit hover it over a bowl a bong whatever the case is. In general, you can get a nice free butane hit, so many people might decide to tweak out, or some points in their life will tweak because if you hover over a lighter over a bowl and hold the light.

Many people might react differently if there’s butane involved, and every lighter you guys decide to use has a small amount of butane, and some people do not prefer to get that butane in their lungs. After hitting this weed, a hemp wick completely dissolves that entire scenario. So all you have to do is another tip I can give you guys on hemp wick. It’s a very healthy way to smoke. If you get tired of just having to light the hemp flick from the ball, maybe take a couple of inches.

So that’s the hemp wick, rip it off maybe like a foot, a foot and a half two feet, cut it and wrap it around your lighter. That will be a super dope method of using the hemp wick. A lot more beneficially, you wrap it around your lighter, and you keep maybe a three-inch or four-inch hang of the hemp wick, and all you have to do is use the lighter to light the hemp wick.

All you have to do is strike the lighter, so you get a flame to hover over that hemp flick you have wrapped around your lighter already, just the end of it. And from that way, it will be a super easy method of continuously lighting your hemp wick and having it light like that.

I’ve realized hemp wick isn’t beneficial if you, or it’s still beneficial, don’t get me wrong. It’s just a lot more of a hassle to light the hemp. Lookup if you have it balled up with a bit of extension on it because then you better grab the hemp wick out the jar or not the jar.

But you know, whatever case you’re carrying it in, you have to have that utensil on you at all times rather than have a regular lighter which is what ordinary people would have to wrap your hemp wick around the lighter a couple of times, so you have a good amount of hemp to use. and then have the end of it stick out like the main point of the lighter where the flame comes so I have to flick the lighter and let the flame go for a sec.

Roast start roasting the hemp wick. Take that hemp way roasted over whatever you’re trying to smoke out of now handbook. I really wouldn’t go towards using a bowl to earn. I’m not a bowl-a-ball blunt. If you’re sparking up a blunt, I don’t feel like it matters unless you guys are, you know, that strict about it. Then I go ahead and spark it with the hemp wick, but in the end, I feel like a lighter for that first hit out of a blunt.

It isn’t anything because that blunt will stay roasting for a very long amount of time; if you guys are continuous, some may be smoke and resin out of a bowl or trying to get that last couple hits of the bowl that you know is in there, but you have to point your lighters sort of downwards.

I would recommend staying on the route of sparking up a blunt like that if you’re going to smoke out of a bowl. I’d recommend using the hemp wick because you can position that correctly to get a perfect hit out of it and not have to worry about getting any butane in your lungs. None of that [ __ ] because I’ve tweaked that too but I didn’t give a [ __ ]. But some people will tweak on that and give the most amount of [ __ ] they can give, so it’s all personal preference for hemp wicking. It’s not something you guys need to get your hands on, but if you are a stickler about smoking butane from lighters and bowls and in bongs and [ __ ].

Try to get your hands on it, dude. It will be a solid investment; I don’t feel like any hit is cleaner than the other, especially if you’re using a hemp wick unless you have to the point that it is lighter downwards and is just roasting for like, you know, five seconds more or less.

And then it might come in handy, but further, it’s only for those final hits. If you got a fresh bowl, you know, you want to take your lighter and roast the bowl real quick. It’s not the end of the world. But it’s for them bottom hits that are more or less reclaimed or just [ __ ] at the end of the bowl that you want to get a hit out of. So you flip your lighter downwards, and you know you might have some butane pouring in, but it’s not even to the point where I feel like anybody should worry, but then again, I never worried.

So it’s like I said, it might differ from person to person, but in the end, hemp wicking is an excellent way to go. It’s something you guys should try if you haven’t tried it already. You don’t have to spend the full, you know, dollars on an entire ball. You can go ahead and go the cheap route and spend maybe – dollars on just Kord if you know three maybe six feet of actual hemp wick. See how that works out for you if you enjoy smoking out of it more or less and then purchase from there. And like I said, you can probably get these in tobacco stores. I think I have seen them. They’re not going to be the entire ball of hemp wick that you can get to know the -foot the -foot a [ __ ] just straight hemp wick. It’s going to be something a lot smaller.

Like I said, the three or six feet little length it comes in, it almost looks like a joint paper roller, I believe, but then again, it’s been a while since I grabbed hemp, so in the end, this is some [ __ ] I would recommend you guys to try out definitely.

And see how it works for you, see how you feel smoking on hemp wick. The best strategy I thought of using the hemp book is wrapping around the lighter and then having the end poked out of the lighter so as soon as you light the lighter, the end is the very end of the hemp. We will get lit, it’ll stay lit, and then you could roast that over a bowl or a bong or whatever the case is. Those were to be the only two accurate recommendations. I want you guys to use a hemp wick. I wouldn’t use it to spark up a blunt. I’ve never done that. I think it’s a lot simpler with a lighter.

Real quick, all you need is a one-know-one second of a bit of iter to spark up a blunt. So there you have, the entire blend has done, which is super dope about smoking blunts, but if you’re smoking a bowl or a bong, try the hemp workout, guys. I’d recommend you try it out. It’s made out of, you know, all the best organic material.

You can be better than a lighter, but it’s not a lot. It’s not better than a lighter because it works the same way unless you’re flipping that lighter upside down. You know you feel like you might be getting a little butane in, thereby holding the lighter or lighting a super long time because you do the same thing with a piece of hemp wick, and it’ll do the same thing for you.

So, in the end, this video will have to go out as personal preference, whatever you guys want to prefer. Still, I want to make this episode of stoners tips because I think it is a piece of stoner equipment that you guys should get your hands on and wrap around your lighter. Like I said, even if you get to the dual three-foot one, it’s going to be a thick little layer around your entire lighter of hemp wick, but in the end, if you keep that light around, it’s going to last you weeks.

Like all you have to do, you probably lose a couple of inches of hemp wick every time you light it, and that’s max, so do what you want with this information. I just wanted to help you guys out if you wanted to find a little healthier alternative. A smoking weed hemp book is the way to go.

I used it quite a few different times, and I realized the best way to do it is to wrap it around the lighter, and when you spark it up, it’s always going to be a new hit of straight hemp wick.

So in the comments, I want you guys to let me know if I missed out on any topics or tips in this video and let me know of any topics that I could hit on in my next episode of stoner tips. But this has been an episode of the stoner tip series talking about hemp wick you guys did enjoy. Smash the thumbs up button does go a long way. Sorry I haven’t uploaded in a couple of days, but hopefully, I’ll be resuming my regular uploading schedule every day, so we’ll see where it goes through, man. I love you guys all. You all stay safe, stay savage. Stay low-key. It’s your boy Loki legend. Thanks for reading. I’m out of here, guys. Adios.