What’s up? Oh geez, welcome back. And if you’re new here, welcome. So today, I’m going to discuss whether you should use a hemp wick or not when you’re smoking.

So for all you stoners out there, you’ve probably seen hemp wick or may have even used it yourself. Buy hemp wick’s concept is to light the hemp wick and use that to light your bulls instead of using your lighter.

For all you guys who have been following along, you have probably seen me use hemp and my most liked recent videos.

In the past few weeks, I haven’t been using hemp bleak, and that’s because I actually bought a foot roll like a while ago, and then I ran out of it.

And then I just haven’t repurchased any, and then I got this because, um, Sasha Cylons took me. So shout out to her she sent this to me in the mail. So it was like a bit of a gift.

So I got a little bit of hemp wick to use, so I thought I would do a video on whether you should use hemp quickly or not. Because you know there’s a big part of time where I liked when I first started smoking. I didn’t use hemp because I knew I didn’t have it.

I didn’t don’t buy it and then decided I wanted to try it. I loved it, and then I ran out of it and never repurchased it.

So here I got a little bit of hemp, like not a lot but anyways, before I talk about whether you should use it.

It comes down to preference. So I’m going to load up a bowl of some green berries. This is probably like I know I’ve said this with the past few strains I picked up that this is my favorite strength.

But I think I’ve concluded I like these green berries more than the Beyond dream I had last. This is probably my favorite strain I’ve had so far. Like this dream berries, there’s just something about it.

I love it anyway, guys. I hope you guys are smoking along with me getting your joints Ligon your bull’s lit, and whatever you are smoking on got a nice boil here.

Whenever you damage some excellent weed, you always know it smells excellent, alright guys, so I will be using the hemp wick. Cheers.

Real lovely grip, so hemp wick. What is the point of hemp wick? A lot of people will say I pretty much agree with this. Still, it gives you a clearer head when you’re using a lighter; you know there will be butane coming out. When you’re done, you know, you’re taking bong grips, or whatever you’re taking the hit off of a pipe, you’re going to be getting a little bit of butane in your hips.

You’re going to have a slight trace of it, not like you’re going to be inhaling straight butane, but there’s going to be negligible traces in it, and it’s going to affect your taste.

A little bit of hemp wick is supposed to if you like this obviously and put this near your bull; you’re not going to have any butane near your bull, so you’re going just to be burning the hemp lip. So many people say that’s healthier, and then another thing people or what I’ve researched and many people saying that’s right.

And like I said, I agree with just from experience and using it, they say that hemp wick burns at a lower temperature. I don’t precisely remember the temperature lighter burns at and what hemp wick burns out, but I know that the heme burns significantly lower.

It means that it’s not going to; you know, it’s not going to burn as hot, so it’s going to be a little bit less harsh on your lungs, so overall like head quick, I think I’m going to load up another Bowl in the Roar.

I brought the raw rot. I haven’t been smoking out of this thing recently ever since I got these big bongs in the mail been smoking out of them but going to be smoking either workload a bullet here, yeah, so you know, as I said, I ran out of hand flick, and I haven’t been smoking it for a while.

And you know, using it as I use it now, I can kind of, you know, tell the difference. I think it’s a little like I said; it’s a little less harsh on my lungs, and it will make me cough less. I can tell that the taste is a little bit better. It’s not like it will make your weed taste so much better. But, still, it will make it burn out at a lower temperature and not be as harsh and taste a little better, so the question is, you know, should you use hemp wick? You know if you have hemp quick and can quickly go and get some.

Like, I don’t know why I’m just lazy. I haven’t got some, but if you can get how quick you know and you cuddle and smoke out of bonds a lot, you know, or bulls, and that’s just something that you like just done.

It’s so cool, and that’s something that you like to do. You know the smell of bulls and bones, and I think hopefully can enhance your experience, but if you’re someone that’s always smoking joints and blunts and stuff like that.

Em quickly really isn’t going to do you any good, so if you want to use hemp quickly, go ahead. It’s a preference if you haven’t tried it; I recommend you try it and see if you can tell the difference because you know.

Some people say they really can’t tell the difference, and then some people you know really can.

And I think I can. I don’t think it’s like a huge difference, but I think it’s subtle, and it’s enough that if I have the opportunity to, you know, smoke with hemp work, I probably will, so that’s how I kind of look.

But cheers, guys, have a drink some more. I was about to use it without the hem quickly, how about this you know that I was thinking about it I’ll use it without the hem look now, and then I’ll use it with him we can see if I can tell you the difference even though I already did.

But I try and like do it now well that wasn’t a big rip that’s not going to make me and coffee in the way no wasn’t harsh on the fair anyway, so that was pointless now that I think of it but yeah to kind of get down to it I would use hemp like if I could I definitely would think it helps the experience.

Or helps you, you know maybe [ __ ] less or helps the taste but you know sometimes I get comments where people are like I don’t like when you smoke with hemp like I like when you smoke it why there’s, first of all, I need to know why that matters.

Why you like what I spoke with, but I think of it is you do what you like, you know. Cheers.

I’m going to try and clear the rest of this. I’m going to take a fat rip, but yeah. Cheers. I was holding that handbook weird because I was talking for a while. I was burning the hemp wick, so there was like a little string of action. I didn’t want to dump that into my bowl. Nothing beats a beaker, you know, I mean, I could say that I’ve been smoking out of this for a while, but beakers are just, you know, straightforward harsh smoke.

But this is all the hemp work I left until I buy some more. This is raw hemp wick. But anyway, I think I’m going to end the video here. I hope I have concluded everything you know as I said. It comes down to preference if you’re constantly, you know, if you’re a stoner that’s always smoking with pipes and bongs.

I mean, why not? I would suggest getting hemp if that’s what you smoke, and then as I said earlier, if you smoke like joints or blunts all the time, that’s not going to make a difference. If you haven’t tried it, I think you should try it. Maybe see if you know if you like it more, but that’s it for the video. I hope you enjoyed the video, and if you enjoyed it, maybe go check out some of the other videos. Oh, Gout peace.