What is up, everyone. my name would be Josh. This is strain central, and today we will be talking about hemp wick. So more specifically, the topic or the title will be hemp wick. Worth using, one of the most common questions that I do get asked on the channel is that little string that you use to light your bowels or light your bong.

 So this right here is what we like to call hemp wick. I’m sure most of you guys are relatively familiar with it, but for those of you who are not, it is just hemp string dipped into beeswax, and you use it to light your bowels. It is a healthy alternative to your regular Bic lighter. I got a little Like this has a little safety on it, so this one’s kind of hard to light, but your regular Bic lighter right here.

 The flame is very, very, very hot. Most people do not realize how hot this flame is right here. So from what I could find online, people were saying that a big flame or the light of a Bic lighter actually burns at around 1970 degrees Celsius, which is 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.

 So if you guys know anything about vaporization or cannabinoids, you know that cannabinoids vaporize right around 3 to 500 degrees. Cannabis combusts at 5 to 700 degrees.

 So when you’re dealing with something that’s 2 3 4 almost 4,000, I believe Fahrenheit is what it was actually like equated to, so even on the lower scale, let’s say this is operating at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, you’re just burning your cannabinoids that’s all you’re doing so you’re going to be like actually breaking down your critical elements.

 Some of the key elements will be overheating, combusting, and catching on fire. This all means you’re potentially losing potency by using a Bic lighter simply because you’re just combusting your cannabinoids.

 And they’re just like I said key elements are breaking down, you’re losing stuff you’re not getting full.

 The full pie. A perfect analogy to this is that using a Bic lighter is like baking a pie and forgetting it in the oven and leaving it in the oven for two hours too long.

 It’s like sure you technically still have a pie, but the pie is burnt and doesn’t taste good, and it’s not going to get you complete because you can’t eat that much of it.

 But if you use, you know, hemp wick and you made yourself a relatively good tasting pie, you could eat the entire thing. It would taste delicious and probably get you a lot more full.

 So that brings me on to my next point: hemp wick will also make your taste a lot better quickly going back to that last thing, so I don’t think I covered it. Hemp wick burns right about.

 From my understanding, eight to nine hundred degrees, so it burns substantially lower enough that I can go like this. It is light right now. I can take my fingers. They’re not wet or anything. Take my fingers and pinch the flame out with no pain at all.

 If I were to do that with a Bic lighter, trying to pinch that flame out would probably be quite painful. 

Do what I like, say hold your finger over and open the flame of some hem quickly, no because that will still burn you. You start, you’re still dealing with fire, but the quick burns at a substantially lower temperature, so the flavor is the next thing. I never really thought that BIC lighters had a distorted flavor.

 I used BIC lighters and only BIC lighters for a long, long, long time, and as I said, I didn’t think they distorted flavor at all.

 Quick cheers, guys. I hope you’re smoking along, zapping along, vaping along, getting those cannabinoids. It is nice and deep into your lungs using the kilo spoon and getting these blue balls deep into mine.

 So cheers, guys.

  So back to what I’m saying, I never thought that a Bic lighter distorted flavor until I only used hot wands and hemp wicks for a while and then went back to just using a Bic lighter.

 I believe I just used flick four for maybe two months, and then I ended up just running out of hemp wick until I read it, and I only had to use big lighters for a while. I noticed two things.

 The first hit was substantially harsher. So I was coughing more off of more minor hits and struggling and struggling to take the bigger hits. And the second thing is there was this just like a subtle weird flavor. It’s not like you can waste fuel; it’s like a bitter flavor almost.

 It’s very, very off-putting, and it’s just no Bueno at all.

 So I do suggest trying out some hemp wick. Quickly, we will go over the pros and cons list of hemp wicks, so let’s go ahead and get into it.

We’re going to do this a little bit weird, we’re going to do this a little abnormal, e we’re going to start with the cons list, so one of the cons is.

 If you are not careful with this, it can stay burning, especially if you blow it out. Maybe you’re like, okay, it’s lit. I like my bowl. I do my thing. I blew it out. I set it down like this, and you’re going to notice that it’s still smoking. It’s because it’s still going to hold like an ember. It’s still going to be somewhat lit until you pinch it out. That will stay lit; that’s still essentially an open flame. There’s still fire, so there is definite potential for a fire hazard if you’re not careful about this road.

 That’s not going to happen with a Bick. You’re not going to use a Bick and set it down and forget that it’s burning because as soon as you let go of that button, the Box is done. So that’s going to be a con.

Another one of the cons I can see on the table right now is these little white scraps, uh they’re I don’t even know what they’re; they’re like little pieces of the hemp wick that are burnt.

 So once the hemp wick burns, it turns into this like tiny whites. I don’t even know what char is, and if you try to brush it off, you brush it into your clothes, and it gets these big white streaks on your clothes.

 They come off quickly, but they’re just really annoying. So there’s actually like a bit of by-product after using your hemp quickly.

 So cleanliness is cleanliness. The cleanliness factor is a bit annoying; that’s also something you’re not going to be getting with a Bic. You can’t use this outside. That’s a substantial colossal disadvantage. So you’re usually struggling to fight the wind with a Bic lighter.

 So fighting the wind with even a smaller, more controlled flame will not happen. So I can tell you that right now, I think that is all that I have for cons that I can think of off the top of my head.

 Oh No, there is one more. So there are all kinds of different brands of hemp wick. But specifically, the raw hemp wick I was using one day in a fat blob of wax because, as I said, it’s covered in beeswax landed on my bare leg, and it hurts so bad. It burned me, so be careful with the hot wax. So that’s another thing that can be a con when using hemp wick. It’s just something you have to be careful with when you’re using it, so now we’re going to go ahead and jump into the actual pros of the list.

 Let’s go ahead and hit this kilo spoon one more time before we do, so cheers, guys. There’s another con: it’s pretty easy to blow it out, especially after it’s lit. That’s something that I am mainly a pro at but cheers you guys.

   Such pros.

 When it comes to using his flick and cornering bowls, you have so much more control over this flame, especially if you grab it like down here you can corner bowls like a pro with this thing.

 We’re using a comprehensive flame look at the size difference a lot of the time. So you could put one two three four of these hemp quick flames into the big flame.

 So when it comes to accuracy and cornering bowls, it’s easy with hemp wick that will be the first big pro. 

It’s not getting out. So the following probably big pro is going to be that you’re just not getting to taste the butane and the minor health effects from using butane / BIC lighters and then the last one that I can think of.

 It’s just going to be a price factor. It’s cheap, and it lasts for a long time. It can make a Bic lighter last, for you know, 25 times longer than it usually would. Because the only time you’re using it is going like that and, you know, getting your hemp wick lit.

 So many people have a candle sitting around that they’ll use to kind of reach over and light their hemp wick, so that’s pretty handy, and it’s like a smoking pro tip that I heard from someone who wants it, but you know, using a Bic lighter. It’s going to use substantially less butane every time you light it, so your lighter should last longer, and as I said, it’s dirt cheap. Because it’s just hemp, you know, and hopefully, as states legalize hemp, it should get cheaper over time. There are plenty of brands you guys can try out. So I would suggest trying it on anyone. My favorite brand right now is ital. I’ve tried a lot like the I haven’t tried sound drones yet. The bee lasso, but I had like Daniel CEOs I tried I sold.

 I try to draw. I’ve tried many real big-name ones. We’re going to go ahead and get to smoking, though, guys. Hit this tag piece and get on out of here.

 I hope you guys like this Stoney ramble today on him. I saw a question in the comments, so I was like, why not just make a quick topic video on why it is worth using these blue balls.

It has me nice and stony, all kinds of rambly, but I hope you guys enjoyed this quick session. I hope you guys are all having an incredible day. Please stay positive, keep a smile on your face today and try to get some [ __ ] done.

 If you’ve wanted to accomplish something for a long time, put your best foot forward today and at least try to accomplish a small portion of the task. That you even wanted to get done, take a step and take action. That’s all I have to say is if you keep saying it’s going to get done tomorrow, it’s never going to get done. Work on it today. Get it done today. Cheers guys. Stay positive, stay medicated. all peace