Everybody, this is Brian with everything there is. This is Humboldt organic hemp. This is another weird little novelty that I got from watching videos about survival gear and Altoids survival tins online. But I like this stuff. It’s made in Humboldt County, California. You can get a 50-foot roll of it for like seven bucks, which is much more than I’ll probably ever use. But, still, as you can see, it’s, you know, dipped in wax, so it holds its shape you can kind of shape it around things like this lighter this is a minibus with a bunch of it wrapped around probably about ten feet I don’t know maybe less than that I didn’t measure it out. But in any case, it stays there. Well, it won’t come off unless you try to get it off.

Still, then once you unwrap a little bit of it, you can light it. It’ll burn like a candle now. It’ll burn a little bit faster than an average candle because it’s only got as much wax as they put, you know, just around the immediate strand there. Still, as you can see, it burns nicely. They talked about how you can use this to light up when you know your cigarette is made of various smokeable materials. I’m sure it tastes better than a butane lighter. But what I like it for is this right here. I saw a couple of people do this and some videos on YouTube. I like the idea you wrap it around a lighter, and then you have a way you can light that stuff and then peel it off and have a candle in your hand without having to walk with the light constantly lit in your hand. I’ve had a lighter blow-up in my hand before from keeping it lit too long, and that was very unpleasant. So having this option is nice because then once you run out of the wick, you’ve still got the lighter in your hand you’re not wasting your fuel. Still, it’s just another way to have a source of fire that will also light when it’s wet right because it’s covered in wax, so this stuff isn’t going to be unusable if you drop it in the water. You’ll still be able to light it because it’s hydrophobic. In any case, it’s pretty cheap, it’s pretty cool, it’s not something that everyone needs or even anyone needs, but I bought some of it, and I liked it, so I made a little video about it. I’ll put a link below if you want to buy some too but please click subscribe to see more videos in the future. Thanks for reading. Take it easy.