It was sup guys home. This is many of your holes from the youtube channel, and today I’m doing something a little different from what I usually do with. Just the reason why is because I was trying to get some hemp wick to smoke with my boss. Yes, I do—sorry, smoke, guys. But uh, I don’t know which one was better, so I’m going to do a little review for you guys, and I was waiting on this same work right here. This one came in yesterday, actually two days ago. This little it’s called a humble handbook. This one is the raw Hamburg, so today we’re going to go video to compare them and show which one is better. Show you guys, oh yeah, this was three-four dollars; it was 399, and it’s only three feet. And it came in this little package, this little package, and it came in this just use this. For service, three bucks. And then this right here was a dollar, and it came with this bit of cool thing you don’t give me some information twenty percent of the following buying they also gave me a cool little sticker I think it’s pretty cool. And I just bought one right. It was five feet four dollars. I want three feet for four dollars, and they also gave me an extra 1.

I already have it wrapped around my bowl because of smoking, so I waited for the wrong one. What I want to do right now I’m a show you guys my Burnham side by side and see which one burns faster or slower. And if you hear some birds chirping in the bank, it is because I, um, I just got some baby chicks, honestly. So yes, I have kicked so you can see my youtube channel. You can see my previous videos, and they’re pretty good, okay, so Molina says my sangria is raw and this, and I’m going to try to light them up at this one time. See, it would be cool. Let’s see.

Okay, let’s see which one brings faster or slower. All right now, it is pretty much bringing the thing though robots on the right find the humble Hedwig sorry. I’m confused because I’m looking at a brand. The rods burning dancers are the wrong video, but if you like the raw, it brings fasting, and it was more expensive. Get this okay. So I guess I will go for the humble hand quickly because I am better for a dollar five feet, and they gave me an extra one with a cool sticker. This one is wrong. I guess they’re just good for the name you’re just bringing faster. Or you know what I try to post, not let the exit which one tastes better try the wrong. Oh, please don’t do that, don’t do that guy, don’t be there stupid that’s not a [ __ ] pace with me. I could place a bug. That’s what I liked about the sandwich. Now, this is a humble, humble homeless person. While the folks are pretty much the same, I guess, and like preference in money ways that will prefer humble Hendricks burn slower cheaper and more. This one burns faster. I mean, the taste is pretty much a thing. So there you go, guys; that’s pretty much it from a video. Sorry I know it’s not a gay anything, but I just wanted to show you guys that look at it. My dumb ass doesn’t do this at a home game. Well, a good profession about it. And I’ll only show you guys my tricks. I am raising our Road Iceland baby chicks there for like three months. I mean three months and [ __ ] three weeks. Alright, see you guys.