Hey everybody, happy Wednesday. I am reviewing this hemp Lloyd company that sent me some hemp wicks called Humboldt hemp wick. They sent me these super cute stickers, and then they sent me this where you use the coupon code Humboldt, and you can get 20% off your entire order, which is fantastic. So they sent me back. They sent me 50 feet of fine hump wick, 50 P of heavy hump wick, and 100 feet of the entire half wick. So that’s awesome. They sent me this super cool thing. Also, you put your hump lick in it and pull it out the top, and this is what you use. So I have two full in here right now, and I have so much pulled out here that I can just let it burn, which is fantastic.

Because if you’re like smoking with a friend, you don’t want to necessarily like to blow it out and then give it to them to relight, so with this, you can pass it and be like here you go when you pass whatever else too. So that’s awesome, and the hole is big enough right here to where I can put any hemp wick I want in here. I can put the heavy in here if I want. I can put the fall or even the fine tip, which is fantastic. So this is the full I’ve been using the full or the heavy thump wick um this is the heavy this is what I have been using lately. And it burns pretty well. It doesn’t burn as fast as the other ones but look at how small that flame is. It does take it a minute, though, because it is heavy hum quick as you can see it’s still going, so you have to be super careful that when you’re smoking, you don’t just like set this down somewhere like the other day I was smoking, and I put this down on a napkin and didn’t realize it. I almost caught the napkin on fire. So that’s not very good. That’s when this comes in handy. It’s flat on the bottom. You can set it right down on your table, so that is awesome. I love that. And I will show you what the fine hemp wick looks like. I’ve not used this yet. So there’s the fine. The flame seems to be pretty big on it. It is super fine, so it burns fat, but it looks like it’s pretty much almost out. So that’s nice. Um, define is excellent if you are trying not to burn your house down pretty much. So yeah, I love this hemp voice that they sent me. It’s awesome. I only just started using how quickly recently, so this is sweet. Um, I will leave their link down below so that you guys can check them out. Also, I’m wearing my happy 4/20 merchandise shirt that they sent me super awesome I’ve got the bracelets on. So you guys need to go check out my other video and check happy 4/20 merch. They are amazing. Super cute clothes and everything. So definitely check them out and then check out the Humble template, a very affordable hem flick. And I mean, they sent me 50 feet of heavy and find and look at how much that will probably last me forever. That’s so much hemp wick. So I will leave their link below so you guys can check it out. So thanks for watching, and have a great rest of the day.