Hello everyone, thank you for clicking on this video. How are you doing today? I’m blaze decks, and welcome back to my channel. so today’s video will be a short little video where I show you a little care package I got and tell you all about the company that I got it from. So before we do that, let’s take a trip. Cheers, so as I said, I hope everybody is having a great day today. As you can see from the background, it’s been a little bit rainy today, but um, Suns are coming out, and it’s looking nice, so I figured I’d go ahead and hop out here and film this video since you know the rain stopped. So today’s care package is actually from a company that I emailed, and I’ve been using them for such a long time that I thought I’d email them and see you know what happens, and I asked if I could collaborate with them. They said that they’d love to send me a little care package to show you guys some of their products, some of the things they have told you all about, and recommend them to use, which I recommend. So the company that I’m reviewing today is Humboldt. They sent me their stickers, card, and much other stuff in this kit that I’m getting too. so Humboldt hemp Lake is just exactly what it sounds like. They’re hip wicks from Humboldt California. They’re 100% beeswax, and if you know what hemp wick is, it’s a wick that you burn so you don’t have to, you know, or butane down in your lighter like I did at the beginning of this video. you get to avoid inhaling that. which butane is extremely bad for you is extremely bad for your lungs. It’s unhealthy. so they have an alternative: hemp wick made out of hemp, so it’s healthy and covered in beeswax, so it is water and wind-resistant. When you’re outside, the winds blowing won’t blow out easily. I mean, sometimes it will do but not as easy. and with the water assistance, you can drop it in like a cup of water, pick it out, shake it off, light it, and it’ll burn. It’s not like a lighter where if it gets soaked, it’s ruined. I’m going to go ahead and get actually into everything inside this, so the first three things that I’m going to show you they sent me are all three brands of their hip flick. and I left my notepad down in my room, so I’m going to wing it. I wrote down what they were actually for. The fine him quick is their nicest burning hemp wickets for the connoisseur. it’s for the maximum flavor. It’s only 0.5 millimeters thick, and they say that what this is actually for is cornering bowls. It’s so that you can light your bulb, burn it, and get the full flavor out of your bud. And if you’re like me, you like to taste your weed. you’d like to taste pretty much anything you are smoking, so this is what that’s actually for. It’s like for the connoisseur: the person who wants to taste their weed and wants to corner bowls and get the maximum use out of it. then you have the next one up, which is full, and this one is one millimeter thick. and this one is they said it’s four great flames, of course. well, that was inconvenient, so I’m back out an hour and a half later to finish off this video cheers, guys. There’s always something that’s going to be an inconvenience in a video. Any filmmaker out there, you know exactly what I’m talking about. There’s always one thing in your video that has to bother you. So essentially, what happened when I was starting to go over the full M. Quickly, my neighbor came outside, hopped on his lawnmower, started that thing up, and just started going to town. and I was like, really, dude, you can’t wait to like after you have to get on that damn thing every time I film the video. You guys have probably seen that so many times. But either way, enough rambling about my inconveniences, let’s go ahead and get back to the video. So the next one that I was going to go over was the full pimp whip. And like I said, they have the fine, the full, and then the heavy that I’ll go over in a second. He quickly brought my notepad out here now. The full hemp wick is one millimeter thick, and it’s a medium-burning wick. They said this one is more like a normal burning flame. I guess it’s used by everybody the most. This is their most popular one that sells. It burns nicely. It turns out to be a normal-sized flame. I’m used to just smoking normally. and this is the one that I have been using for the longest time. so this is the one that I can tell you up used and recommend. and then you have finals. It’s heavy, and you can get all three of these brands on their actual website. You can pick which ones you want, so just a quick note on that. but the heavy is two millimeters thick, and it comes it makes the most robust flame the biggest flame the heaviest burning and the thickest and everything else they said that this one is used for more like making campfires and stuff lighting candles you know things that you would typically not want to get too close to with your actual hand to light so you’d use them to him quick itself. That, to me, sounds efficient. You could take a little bundle of this and make it thick, light it, and then set it down inside um we have like a little thing of fire and get the fire going. I don’t know how everybody else starts fires. I use it as a bundle with dry grass leaves and all that sets it on below. So let me know if you’ve ever actually used him quickly for anything aside from smoking because that’s the neat thing that nobody ever mentions about him quickly. It’s not just for smoking. It’s used for starting fires and lighting candles. You can put it in the survival kit. It can be used for all kinds of different things aside from just lighting your father’s joints and whatever else. so it’s a universal tool that’s pretty awesome, in my opinion. fastest medium slow-burning. they all burn at different speeds. This one burns up the fastest. This one’s not medium and burns the slowest. so just a quick mention of that. so the coolest thing they sent me in this little bundle is something that I’ve wanted for a while but never had the extra money to spend, so the fact that they sent me one of these, you guys are the coolest. so shout out to Humboldt quickly. Could you go check them out? They sent me this. It might not seem that cool, but would you think about how much you know the pain in the ass implica is to have a container you can put it in? It works like this is amazing. and to me, the cork thing is a nostalgia thing for me because growing up as a kid, I used to make things with corks all the time, so it’s pretty much just a glass vial. It’s extremely thick. and the cork has a hole drilled through the bottom of it to the top with the metal pin. You set the hem quickly down in it, and you pull it through this piece right here and use that slicer tech way. so essentially, Oh hide your wake. Cheers, that’s pretty much all there is to it. so like I said, I was trying to make you guys a short little video to show you the little care package I got from Humboldt hem quick talk about you know that you should use him quickly, you know because like I said, it’s a lot better than butane and you know to give you guys something to see. so I’m like I said, go check them out they have a lot of great products. if you didn’t watch this video, please let me know what you thought in the comments below. Let me know if you use him quickly. Follow me on all my social media. It’ll be at the end of the video in the description. Have a great day, and get high. and remember to stay blazed stay days. peace guys.