What’s up, guys? It’s East Coast Oak. and what we have here are two different hemp wick dispensers that humble hemp wick has to offer. I’m going to show you how to fill both of them. This is a glass-on-glass one. But it’s nice because it’s flat on the side so your thumb and finger can rest in your hand perfectly. The ball is right in your palm. And the other one is just a little cork top dispenser, but I’m going to show you guys how to fill them. I mean that it’s pretty simple. The glass-on-glass one right now I’m working with a wick that was already in there, so consider it a piece you just cut off for yourself. You can see the hole in there, throw it right through the top and then pull it all the way through.

Till there’s an intelligent amount left, take the other end and feed it in there. I’m not sure how much it exactly fits. I mean, I guess each person could get a different amount in there. But for the average, it’s got an average out to something. No, I pulled it all the way through. I’ll keep feeding it until you get to the point where the cat comes to an end. All you do is feed. Hmm, that’s number one. You see, it holds it in the perfect bottom fit for your hand. You light and go. Now the other one we have is the cork top. Now the cork top the same way you want to straighten some out like what. And put it right through the top and pull the wick through that you have chosen the amount you have shown. A spare wick feeds it.

There you guys go look at that one up too, and then boom, bam did. Plain as simple as that, I hope this video helps. I’ll take one more hit before we get out of here using Sherlock. That’s my neighbor talking to his dog. But anyway, guys, that’s East Coast dope. I’m signing out. You guys know the drill. And that’s just a quick refill for you guys; subscribe to my youtube channel give my video a thumbs up if you like I mean, you guys can now follow me on Twitter and ECT TV. At the bottom of your screen. So shout out, guys, work complex smoke Carter. be safe, peaceful, and love.