Hey everyone, this is Mike, the inventor of the quick wick dispenser. the
the world’s only hemp wick dispenser, hemp wick is a natural alternative to gaseous lighters and other methods.

The beeswax on the hemp twine burns at a lower temperature than butane. This lower temperature has the benefits of reducing the harshness of the hit; it is also less Carcinogenic.

It also stops you from inhaling flint Powder. As you can see, many people wrap their wicks around their lighters for ease of storage because of the wax the wick likes to stay on the lighter. For the most part, here we will cover two types of hemp wick.

The pleasing flame in the full flame, the delicate flame lights more easily but burns more rapidly, is perfect for lighting joints and sniping pipes.

The full flame burns slower and is ideal for pipe use and water pipes. You can light the wick with a lighter or a candle.

I recommend a candle.

There are also three main methods for putting out your wick—the blowout, the flick, and the finger snuff.

There are also many styles of holders to dispense the wick. Here are two examples: the cork holder and the glass holder, both available at home prick dispensers.
The holders are excellent because the flame always goes out with enough wick leftover to pull out more for use later.

I have been an advocate of hemp wick for the last three years. In that time, I’ve tried almost all of the brands available. Earlier this year, I was pointed to a company gaining momentum called Humble Traders.

They have excellent customer service and are the only company I know of that will send you a free sample. No credit cards. No prepaid envelope. No nothing.

They are located in Humboldt, California, and use locally harvested beeswax for their hemp wick. Check them out at Humboldt traders calm or email sales@Humbolt-traders.com for your free sample. Again this is Mike from hemp dispenser comm in quickwicks.com. Burn clean.