What’s up, youtube? Welcome back to the channel you’re watching, cloud chaser CBD reviews. In today’s review, we’re going to take a look at some hemp wicks that were sent over to us by a company called the Humboldt hemp wick. So let’s jump into it, guys. Let’s see what Humboldt sent us over to review today. So in the box, we have a humble template sticker and one of their business cards, and they sent this over one of their thicknesses of hemp wick they carry. So we have them fine. This one is .5 millimeters. We have their full one millimeter. And we have their heavy yes that one is two millimeters.

The more delicate stuff will be a smaller flame, and then your whole stuff will be a normal flame. And then your heavier stuff is going to be a larger flame. Now I’m not one to use him quickly, I never really have been, but I might start. There are many benefits to it, um, you know, when you’re using a lighter or you’re using a torch or god forbid you’re lighting your bowl with a zippo lighter. You’re getting a lot of toxic fumes. You’re getting you to know your carbon monoxide, your carbon dioxide you’re breathing in all that lighter fluid. And it also affects the taste of your herb, and you don’t want to take your good herb and put it in your bowl and then douse it down with gas. I mean, you wouldn’t put lighter fluid in your blow bowl and light it like that. So the healthier alternative is hemp wick. Now, these guys are out of Humboldt county California. They use organic hemp and a hundred percent organic beeswax from their bees right there on their farm there. And uh man, this stuff tells you what it does make a difference. It does make a difference. The more critical stuff this is, the more you know for outdoor use, the more critical stuff. This is better if you know outdoor winds and stuff like that. It’s also suitable for lighting your campfires. You can throw this in your survival kits, and it should stay. You know it’s supposed to be waterproof. You can also make candles with it if that’s what you want to make you some hemp candles. So let’s do a little test, let’s see uh let’s see what the difference is inflamed between these three. We have they’re fine, and what is this here they’re heavy. And they’re full. Man, this stuff smells perfect. It smells perfect. Let’s see if we can burn the house down here. We’re going to light all three of these to see what the difference is in inflammation here. There we go. they’re heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy. Here we go. they’re full. And they’re fine. Come on.

So as you can see, there is a difference. You might not be able to see too much on camera. They’re fine and almost the same. The heavier is a little bigger flame. Man, it even smells good. Even the smoke coming off of it smells good. So hopefully, that’ll give you an idea of the difference if the burn smells delicious, guys. Um, something maybe you want to check out. Uh, we’re going to do one more test. This stuff is supposed to be waterproof. So let me grab a glass of water, and we’re going to come right back. We’re going to do a little test. See how waterproof this is right back. Guys got us a glass of water here, and we got our heavy out. It’s supposed to be the stuff that’s good for survival kids. so we’re going to see if this stuff is waterproof. So let’s get her wet. All right, here we go. holy [ __ ] it’s waterproof. It is waterproof, guys. That’s pretty awesome. It’s pretty awesome stuff. It smells delicious. Check them out yourself, guys, Humboldt hemp wick. I will drop a link in the description below. I thank you guys for watching. If you haven’t subscribed, please do so. It certainly helps out, um, and stay tuned, so we have more coming for you. until next time, guys, peace out. Keep it real.