Hey, how’s it going, everybody? My name is Loom. Thanks for clicking on the video. In today’s video, I will give you five reasons why you should pick up a little bit of hemp wick.

Reason one.

 Taste. you’re going to be able to taste your bud a little bit better just because you’re not going to have the butane tampering with the terpenes

Reason two.

 It’s going to be a little bit safer for a few people mainly because when you use a lighter and then you sparkle a bowl, you ignite, you tilt your lighter, and then your flames at an angle and bad angles just so happen to be a little bit close to your hand.

 And some people might have issues with this, so with the hemp wick. Boom. Just spark it up, bam it’s open. And uh see how far away the flame is from your hand. 

Number three.

 It’s going to be a little bit better for cornering your bowl mainly because the flame off of a hemp wick is a lot smaller than the flame off of your lighter. And it’s a lot more flexible. 

Number four.

 It’s going to be a lot more eco-friendly, and you’re going to waste a lot less on lighters, mainly because the butane you’re going to be using is a lot less.

 It’s not just going to be an open flame all the time, you know, especially if you have a clipper lighter where you can refill it. And uh, you know reuse and number five they burn at a much lower temperature. So that just gives you a smoother hit lighter, burning about 4 000 Fahrenheit where hemp wig burns at 1 500. 

So it’s a big difference, you know, but anyway, those are my five reasons why you should pick up some hemp wick at least to try out. I hope you guys enjoyed the video. I did enjoy making it sure let’s try this off everybody all right I’m going to end the video here everybody deuces.